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            Latest Announcement:Our company's T5 integrated lamp won the national compulsory 3C certification

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            LED Tri-proof Light

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            Information details



            1. The connection adopts the button type installation mode, which is convenient for the construction site operation. 

            2. The lamp plug is equipped with respirator, which makes the lamp breathable, dry, no fogging and better heat dissipation. 

            3. The protection grade is IP65; the lamps are waterproof, dustproof and anticorrosive. 

            4. The light is even, soft and glare free. 

            5. Installation methods: ceiling, ceiling and other installation methods.


             Product characteristics: no stroboscopic

             Protection grade: IP65

             Installation method: hoisting and bracket installation

            ■Product picture


            ■Application site

            It is suitable for lighting in workshops, warehouses, tunnels, toll stations, supermarkets, mining and other fields.

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