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            Latest Announcement:Our company's T5 integrated lamp won the national compulsory 3C certification

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            Led machine room signal light:SJ-DC24V-550

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            Information details


            1. High heat dissipation aluminum alloy shell is adopted, so that led lamps can effectively adapt to the high-temperature working environment of the machine room;

            2. High light transmittance milky white mask, with good optical characteristics, LED lamps have uniform light distribution and no spot;

            3. The lamp lights up and starts quickly without flicker and noise;

            4. Solid state, can withstand high-strength impact and vibration;

            5. The lamp is matched with external cold pressed terminal wire, which meets the test standard of 3kg tension.

            ■Product picture


            ■Application site

            The products are widely used in all kinds of counters and all kinds of database room lighting, cabinet lighting, etc.


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